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Team Planer

Boost your productivity. Start using our app today.

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Streamline employee scheduling, save hours weekly, and cut labor costs.

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Time offs

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Great UI/UX

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Easy to manage

Manage appointemnts

Refine your schedule effortlessly with Time Planner's precise 'Add Appointment' feature.

Customize appointments with ease, specifying clock time, date, patients, employees, backup staff, and location.

Streamline your planning with Time Planner's intuitive interface, ensuring efficient appointment management.

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Effortless Work Scheduling, Zero Conflicts

Gain a clear overview of employees work hours and effortlessly track who is on duty and when.

Time Planner takes the stress out of scheduling, making your workforce management efficient and stress-free.

The best management system for you

Stay connected with your team effortlessly. Share updates, announcements, and vital information in real-time. Boost collaboration and keep everyone in sync.

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Explore Your Schedule in Month, Week, and Day Views

Day View

Dive into daily details with ease, ensuring a focused perspective on your schedule.

Week View

Effortlessly manage your week's appointments and tasks.

Month View

Efficiently organize your month for a broader perspective on commitments.


Time Tracking and Project Management

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Patient management system

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