Point of sale (POS)

Information about aplication

Software for shops (pharmacies), pharmacies, boutiques, bookstores, cosmetics, workshops, etc.., that sell items and / or services at retail or wholesale.

SALE is a modern computer program created specifically for businesses that sell retail and wholesale items and / or services, for cash, through a bank card or in debt. It is very simple and easy to use software for everyone and meets the requirements for managing a company that has one or more point of sale.
Automates the work of the manager and cashiers. Facilitate the work of workers. Eliminates the need to supervise or control workers. Increasing the speed of customer service. Increasing professionalism and seriousness towards clients, etc.

-It works with and without fiscal printer
-Manages sales,
-Manages entrances,
-Works in one or more point of sale(as  server),
-Automatically generates various reports such as:

  • Total stocks (possession items),
  • Article card
  •  Analytical sales book
  •  Analytical purchasing book
  •  Daily, weekly, monthly, annual earnings, etc.
  •  Daily, weekly, monthly, annual shifts, etc.
  •  Items at the end (items at consumption) etc.

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