Patient Menagment System


Medical Center

Technologies Used:

ASP.NET MVC (C#) and

Microsoft SQL Server

Information about application

Patient information system allows healthcare institutions to manage their operation and serve patients better. Hospital software is a central database that stores information related to inpatient, outpatient, doctors etc. The application provides patient records management, manages the availability of doctors and scheduling appointment, generates reports daily, monthly, yearly or by date with ease. Patient visits can be easily categorized into new and revisit. Automates day-to-day administrative activities such as generating unique admission number for each patient. There are three modules:
Doctor’s module, administrator’s module and nurse’s module.
-The doctor’s module allows the doctor to record and modify the patient, recording patient visits, setting the price (in euros) of the visit, printing the visit report and see the patient’s history. Enables doctors to record patient symptoms, allergies, and give treatment details.
-The nurse’s module allows patient registration,printing the visit report, recording patient appointments for a specific date and doctor, submitting appointments.
-The administrator’s module allows administrators to manage users and change passwords, search for patients, register and modify patients, record patient visits, set the price of the visit, print the visit report, view patient history, term list and statistical reports.

  • Administrator’s module
  • Doctor’s module
  • Nurse’s module

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